Supreme Finance

We have accepted a new mission

We have accepted a new mission: to build a Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Project. In accomplishing this mission we aim to provide to our users with the boldest and most solid rewards that are profoundly set apart from the plethora of crypto projects in the market. DeFi or Decentralized Blockchain Finance is now almost a ubiquitously and indiscriminately referenced. Despite this, from a user’s perspective, it remains difficult to discern whether rewards for token staking is adequate or whether the target pool for investment is sound. The greatest issues also remains that once cannot determined whether the rate of return on an investment (APY) is appropriately priced. The Supreme Project has delivered HYPE as its first token. The token was named HYPE, to describe the way in which it would stimulate or maximize user returns. HYPE is the first stage of a 2-stage rocket that will launch user profits through stratosphere into outa space. For 90 days the boosters will be firing as we open the Reward Booster on HYPE Staking. Within these 90 days the stage 2 rocket will fire to intergalactically launch user profits. Anyone can promise sweet whispers of low risk- high return. We refuse to do this. The Supreme Project does present inherent risk. Rather than attempt to minimize this risk we prefer to maximize returns. It is our promise to battle till profits are launching intergalactically into the depths of the vast universe!

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