Staking for NFT

HypeX provides a single staking pool for the LP Pool for NFT.

NFT stands for Non Fungible Token, and refers to a specific cryptographic digital asset that cannot be replaced with another token.

All assets that can be traded for the same value, such as Bitcoin, are a type of token that can be replaced. NFT has scarcity because each token represents a unique asset with a different value.

NFT can tokenize almost anything, and digital ownership is guaranteed by blockchain technology and irreversible transaction proof is possible. Tokenization of specific items and characters in online and mobile games, tokenization of specific assets such as real estate in virtual spaces or communities in the game, and tokenization of digital artworks are being conducted.

However, various artworks and items made with NFT tokens must be traded individually, but integrated transaction management is not available. Supreme Finance intends to solve these transaction uncertainties with the concept of DeFi. If a customer wants to buy a specific item (artwork, etc.), they can purchase it with HypeX tokens, and if they want to sell, they can give up their rights (NFT) and get the HypeX tokens back.

In this section, additional data will be posted in detail at the time of opening of NFT Pools.

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