Supreme Finance Advantages

Open User Platform & Ecosystem

The initial launch for the Supreme finance platform will happen via a Web App. This decision was made in an attempt to get involved the existing DeFi/Crypto community. The goal is for the existing community members to have enough incentivization to continually participate in the long-term education of those newer to the space.

As this part of the platform/service is nothing new to the space we have decided to stick to the most basic features and layout for the Web App.

Multi-chain Wallet

The wallet will start supporting BTC, Litecoin, Tron, EOS, and a few other altcoins but will support most ETH-based assets and continue to widen support for token ecosystems.


Will offer the most competitive lend/borrow rates globally by offering loans and fixed income products through the APIs of the some of the most competitive rates on the market through products offered by Celsius, AAVE, et al.

Inter-blockchain Escrow/Wrapper

We will offer an escrow service for decentralized project teams, institutions, and individuals alike. This will allow the possibility of creating more complex decentralized financial products like insurance products and CFDs. This will also allow for one escrow to function as a liquidity swap or sharing of liquidity across multiple blockchains.

Yield farming

Users will be able to read up on or participate in multiple fair distribution projects during their farming phases.


An AMM on a bonded curve initially supporting only ERC20s but will soon offer support for ERC 721s, 777s, and 1155s. As well as offer cross-chain compatibility with our inter-blockchain escrow system.

User Support

First 24/7 Global English language support system via discord servers. Multiple CMs online and will offer virtual customer support systems like no other DeFi platform has ever provided.

The community will be incentivized to participate in addressing FAQs and tickets created by other users.

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